The Musics Ain’t Over

I am going to tell the tale of tales (Seasonspeech – Elvenking)

Every night without you (Every night without you – Edguy
I wish you were here (Wish you were here – Pink Floyd)
And If could fly (If I could fly – Helloween)
So glorious I’d fly (Solid – Gamma Ray)

To the middle of your heartbeat ( In the middle of a heartbeat – Helloween)
To feel you face in the dark ( In the dark – Sonata ARctica)
‘Cause where you lead I’ll follow ( Where you lead I’ll follow – Bob Catley)
Please carry me over now (Carry me over – Avantasia)

We both know, our Story Ain’t Over ( The Story ain’t over – Avantasia
Every day and night was made just for us (Call it love – Blackmore’s night)
We are the power inside, we bring fantasies ( Avantasia – Avantasia)
And our silence is louder then words ( Silence – Kiske Somerville)

There’s something between us that will never die ( Crystal Tears – Krystal Tears)
Take my hand and pull me next to you, so close to you (Tallulah – Sonata Arctica)
And I say close your eyes babe, take a breath say my name ( The wind – Zac brown band)
I’ll be there, and there’s no more Farewell ( Farewell – Avantasia)


~ por Cervesia em julho 17, 2013.

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